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Nasal Prosthesis (假鼻)

Anaplastology Materials & Techniques Digital Application of Data Acquisition via 3dMD (3D Stereophotogrammetry) for a non-invasive and instantaneous generation of a digital 3D mesh of surface with texture information. It allows for custom-selection and export of surface of interest (nose) in common 3D file formats (STL, OBJ). Rhinoceros prepares the STL file of noses for milling. SRP (Subtractive Rapid Prototyping) Player generates mill perimeters for the Roland MD X-40 Milling Machine. Replications were made of the master defect cast for working […]

Auricular Prosthesis (假耳)

Special Topics in Anaplastology: Fabrication of an Auricular Prosthesis Impression Making Marking Frankfort horizontal for orientation of prosthesis on defect cast. Impression Casting Wax Sculpting Mold Making 3 part mold with a wedge piece to prevent undercut behind helix. Intrinsic Coloration & Mold Packing Flocking – short colored fibers were added for a subtle color change and to mimic vasculature. Base color – semi-opaque underlying skin tone; commonly identified from underside of the forearm, along the hairline, anterior to the […]

3dMD Self Portrait (三維自畫像)

Using the 3dMDface System in the Craniofacial Center at the University of Illinois Medical Center, a 3D image of my face was captured. The 3dMD system utilizes Digital Surface Photogrammetry (DSP) to capture the 3D form by projecting a random light pattern with synchronized digital cameras set at various angles. By filtering different wavelengths of light, a 3D surface geometry and surface texture are acquired simultaneously, resulting in an accurate texture map when applied to the surface data. The model […]

Visual Word Form Area (視覺詞形區)

Graphic Design Assignment 5: Concept Communication Piece Purpose: Express the following through type, image, graphic elements, and/or CMYK color. The part of the brain thought to be responsible for processing visual text may not require vision at all, researchers report in the journal Current Biology. This region, known as the visual word form area, processes words when people with normal vision read, but researchers found that it is also activated when the blind read using Braille. Full article [via The New […]

Ascending Colon (升結腸)

Illustration Techniques Assignment 1 Objective: Produce a fully rendered, highly detailed anatomical line illustration done in Corel Painter 11 for publication in college textbook.

Brainstorm (集思廣益)

The exhibition Brainstorm: investigating the brain through art & science at GV Art in London has been called by a politician as “degrading”, “disrespectful” and “unacceptable.” This work titled Headache by Helen Pynor is one of many that showcase brains in different ways, from films of neurological examinations to actual human brain tissues. GV Art in London is one of the few places licensed to display human tissue in Britain. To the politician’s concerns, Dr. Dexter, scientific director of the […]