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First Nose (鼻子)

My classmate Lindsay and I made our first nose in the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic to test the integrity of a chipped mold. Process: The surface of the plaster mold was painted with two coats of separating agent with a paintbrush. A fast-set silicone was weighed and placed on a piece of glass for intrinsic coloring, where the color agents are mixed into the material itself. Primary colors were added until the color resembled a skin tone. Flocking, short colored fibers […]

Shoulder (肩膀)

First assignment in Anatomical Visualization taught by John Daughetry. Objective: Produce an accurate pencil sketch of an anatomical specimen that includes the bones of the shoulder region: clavicle, scapula, and proximal humerus. Illustrate the three bones and their articulations in an anterior and a posterior view. Then add the following anatomy to the bone drawing: Anterior view – coracoacromial lig., acromioclavicular lig., and coracoclavicular lig. Posterior view – supraspinatus m., infraspinatus m., and teres minor m. Process: Preliminary sketches were developed by transferring bone […]

Hello World! 大家好!

Let the journey of Biomedical Visualization begin!