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David Fisher (大衛·費舍爾)

This fetal monkey with stained cartilage belongs to David Fisher, a medical illustrator employed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, my undergraduate institution. David was the first medical illustrator I encountered and has heavily influenced and reaffirmed my pursuit of medical illustration.

Anatomy Exam I (解剖學考試)

The following is how I felt about the exam. However, the following arose from my attempt on studying. My study aid skeleton, 小骨, ate my banana.

Shoulder (肩膀)

First assignment in Anatomical Visualization taught by John Daughetry. Objective: Produce an accurate pencil sketch of an anatomical specimen that includes the bones of the shoulder region: clavicle, scapula, and proximal humerus. Illustrate the three bones and their articulations in an anterior and a posterior view. Then add the following anatomy to the bone drawing: Anterior view – coracoacromial lig., acromioclavicular lig., and coracoclavicular lig. Posterior view – supraspinatus m., infraspinatus m., and teres minor m. Process: Preliminary sketches were developed by transferring bone […]