Shapes and Heart (形狀和心臟)

Third assignment in Anatomical Visualization.

Part 1: Render basic forms with an upper-left light source.

Posterior View of Anomalous Inferior Vena Cava with Azygos Continuation


Part 2: Illustrate one of two case reports of anomalous inferior vena cava with azygos continuation with emphasis on the volumetric illusion of form through the use of light and shade. I chose to illustrate Anomalous inferior vena cave with azygos continuation in a Japanese man by Tohno.

Process: Other articles concerning similar anomalies were obtained to further understand and locate the absent hepatic segment of the inferior vena cava. A few studies indicated the hepatic veins drained into the right atrium and thus that was portrayed. Preliminary sketches were made from the photograph of the cadaver and the schematic image of the venous system provided by the case report. A chest x-ray was overlaid on the cadaver photo to determine the placement of the heart by matching up the vertebrae and the ribs. The posterior view was chosen to better depict the continuation of the azygos vein. The posterior heart was referenced from Osirix file RABIT 2, Gilroy Atlas, and Color Atlas. The texture of the heart was referenced from the gross lab, pig heart, and photographic atlases. The finalized drawing was scanned and labeled in Adobe Illustrator.

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