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Indirect Plant Defense (間接植物防禦)

Subject: Indirect Plant Defense When a corn plant is munched by a caterpillar, the physical damage and certain chemicals in the caterpillar’s saliva combine to elicit release of volatile compounds from the corn leaf. This attracts parasitoid wasps that lay their eggs in the hapless caterpillars’ bodies. Audience: Children in basic science courses of grade school Media: Animated GIF GIF animation is an excellent way of illustrating a simple concept while adding a real sense of motion to capture the […]

Anatomical Diagram (解剖圖)

Anatomical Visualization Assignment 4 Objective: Produce an anatomical diagram identifying the location of thoracic or abdominal organs relative to surface landmarks and skeletal anatomy. Process: A human torso in anatomical position including all relevant surface anatomical landmarks was drafted using multiple anatomy atlases by Gilroy, Rohen, Clemente, and Moses. On an overlay-tracing sheet, the deep skeletal anatomy was drafted in registration with the surface anatomy using the same anatomy atlases with the addition of cadavers and skeletons from the gross […]

Chipmunk Heart (花栗鼠的心)

Speaking of the magnificent organ, the heart, this was left on the doorstep by Bobby, the sweetest black cat on the block of Birmingham, Alabama.

Shapes and Heart (形狀和心臟)

Third assignment in Anatomical Visualization. Part 1: Render basic forms with an upper-left light source. Posterior View of Anomalous Inferior Vena Cava with Azygos Continuation   Part 2: Illustrate one of two case reports of anomalous inferior vena cava with azygos continuation with emphasis on the volumetric illusion of form through the use of light and shade. I chose to illustrate Anomalous inferior vena cave with azygos continuation in a Japanese man by Tohno. Process: Other articles concerning similar anomalies were […]

Knee (膝蓋)

Second assignment in Anatomical Visualization. ¾ anterolateral view of the right knee joint in two-point perspective. After all my bad talk about this assignment, I soon sprained my knee during a mugging. Good news is that I may have free digital copies of my knee X-rays soon!

Anatomy Exam I (解剖學考試)

The following is how I felt about the exam. However, the following arose from my attempt on studying. My study aid skeleton, 小骨, ate my banana.