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Real-Time MRI Music Video

Sivu, a UK based musician, laid in an MRI scanner while repeatedly singing his song “Better Man Than He” for 2-3 hours. The real-time MRI footage shows the sagittal section of Sivu’s head as his mouth and tongue move to each word. The video also shows the coronal passage and 3D volume rendering of his head.

Damon Albarn’s skull music video

Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz) released the music video Everyday Robots. The video, directed by Aitor Throup, uses cranial scans of Albarn’s skull as a canvas for a CGI artist to paint on and create a unique digital portrait of Albarn.


Creation and provision of mechanical devices to replace lost digits.

3-D Printed Prosthetic Duck Foot

A duck born with a deformed left foot can now walk, thanks to a 3-D printed prosthetic foot.

How 3D printing gave a man his face and life back

Eric Moger, a 60 year old man in England lost the left side of his face after a surgery to remove a tumor. Due to the hole in his face he was unable to eat and drink properly. A doctor created a 3D printed prosthetic face, allowing Eric to get his life back.

3-D Printed Skull Implants

75% of Man’s Skull Replaced by 3D-Printed Implant