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新世界『透明標本』Iori Tomita’s New World Transparent Specimens

新世界「透明標本」 – New World Transparent Specimens is an exhibition composed of specimens created using a preservation and dyeing technique typically used for scientific purposes to examine the skeletal system. Tomita uses an enzyme to dissolve the natural proteins in the soft tissue. He then injects magenta dyes into the bones and blue dyes into the cartilages, highlighting the usually unseen internal structures. The creature is then preserved in a jar of glycerin. Some of Tomita’s smaller specimens (fish, shrimp and […]

Between Reality and Reverie—Li Hongjun’s Paper Art (在真實與夢幻之間—李紅軍的紙媒藝術)

Through Art Taipei 2011, the longest-standing art fair in Asia organized by Taiwan Art Gallery Association since 1992,  I spotted Li Hongjun, who attempts to convey the conversion space of existing objects such as the vacuity of life and death and the space-time distance of reality and illusion—the very same idea as Li claims seen from Gunther von Hagens’ plasticized human specimens on display. Born in Shaanxi Province  and currently living in Beijing, Li Hongjun attained his degrees in Folk […]

Brainstorm (集思廣益)

The exhibition Brainstorm: investigating the brain through art & science at GV Art in London has been called by a politician as “degrading”, “disrespectful” and “unacceptable.” This work titled Headache by Helen Pynor is one of many that showcase brains in different ways, from films of neurological examinations to actual human brain tissues. GV Art in London is one of the few places licensed to display human tissue in Britain. To the politician’s concerns, Dr. Dexter, scientific director of the […]

Domo Kun (多摩君)

Sidetracking from studying to pay a tribute to Jason Freeny and Domo Kun.

Zdzisław Beksiński (濟斯瓦夫·貝克辛斯基)

These mysterious, nightmarish and beautiful works of art were created by Zdzisław Beksiński (b. 1929), a renowned Polish painter, photographer and sculptor. With no formal training in art, Beksiński mainly painted with oils on handmade hardboard panels while listening to classical music. Beksiński refused to name and interpret his works, and even burned a selection of them in his backyard claiming them to be “too personal”. Tragically, Beksiński was murdered in 2005 by the teenage son of his long time […]

Bodyscape (裸體小世界)

While examining the anatomical landmarks of the dry and wet skulls today in lab, my lab mates and I realized just how vast of a landscape the body has. I was instantly reminded of a series of work titled Bodyscapes by Allan Teger. Originally trained as a social psychologist, Allan Teger ventured into the realm of photography to further explore the psychological concept of coexisting realities. The idea for Bodyscapes came to Allan when he was thinking that the shape and […]